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Graphic Design

The unique Graphic Design training programme at Lotus has been prepared and developed since 2002 till present according to the international academic standards and local-society customization. In order to cover all varieties of needs and requests, Lotus Graphic Design courses curriculums are customized in two main criteria (a) Academic Training, and (b) Subject Training, for both Creative Graphic Design (Combination of Manual and Digital) as well as Digital Graphic Design (Combination of Digital for Desktop and Mobile devices) as follow:

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Professional Certificate in Academic Graphic Design

Suitable for

Who is looking for serious career as Graphic Designer and aims to learn Academic-Graphic Design deeply, in different aspects of Design-creativity and executing variety of Print and Digital projects.


Including 3 modules as follow:

(a) Fundamentals of Graphic Design (Basic course- subjects)

(b) Digital softwares for Graphic Design (Pre-requisite course- subjects)

(c) Creativity in Graphic Design (Specialized course- subjects)


714 hours

444 hours

Who is looking for serious career as Graphic Designer, focusing on Digital Skills, including 3 main Fundamental subjects of Art and 6 main Adobe software programmes, with a final project.


Including 2 modules as follow:

(a) Highlights of Art&Design-fundamentals, such as Keys to Drawing, Understanding Colours, Visual Literacy, etc.

(b) Basic to Advance levels of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with practicing on specialized Graphic’s projects

(c) Practicing on specialized Graphic’s projects

Certificate in General Graphic Design


Suitable for

162 hours

Basic to Advance levels of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe In-Design with Graphic’s assignments


Who is looking for learning and improving technical skills in Adobe Design-softwares


Suitable for

Certificate in Adobe Design OR Multimedia Practitioner

Note: Graduates will be eligible to apply for the International Exam to receive the world wide Adobe certificate of: “Adobe Certified Expert”.


Certificate in Intensive Graphic Design

Suitable for


90 hours

Who is looking for learning Graphic Design in a short-duration, including Basic and Intermediate levels for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with costumized Graphic’s projects.

Certificate in Adobe Software (Optional programme)

Adobe Illustrator

Suitable for:

Who is looking for learning Adobe Design-software skills

Create beautiful vector art and illustration

It is including the verities of Adobe softwares, which are professional digital tools for executing ideas in Graphic Designing and video editing. Each course-subject of Adobe software has been programmed for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels:

Adobe Photoshop

Editing & compositing for photos, web & mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, & more.

Adobe InDesign

Craft elegant layouts at your desk or on the go.

Adobe After Effects

Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Design and develop modern, responsive websites.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit media in its native format and create productions for film, TV, and web.


54 hours (for 3 levels of each Adobe programme: Basic, Intermediate, Advance)

might be extended for students without any background for computing and digital softwares.

Specialized Graphic Design


4 weeks, 12 hours (8 sessions) for each topic registration


The essential tips and techniques for different types of projects in Graphic Design and Advertising, Publishing and Branding based on student’s needs. (Course requirement: Completing minimum Intensive Graphic Design).

Open Studio Graphic Design/Software Design



For advanced tips and techniques for different fields of Graphic Design based on senior student’s and professional needs.

Lotus Facilities

Advancing Art & Design skills since 2001

Lotus Educational Institute has be operational since 2001 as a licensed institute with a unique mission of “Holistic Approach to Education”

Providing professional qualifications with awarding different levels of Lotus Certificates accredited by Dubai government KHDA.

Certificates accredited by Dubai Government KHDA

Designing unique corporative training and development packages with Multi-national and high qualified faculty members.

Friendly environment and warm welcoming environment with availability of private, semi-private and group classes

Flexibility of training programmes based on organizations and individual’s needs.

Flexible Training Programmes

Multi-national & Expert Artists

Private, Semi-Private & Group Classes

Lotus provides internationally recognised “Qualifications and Professional Certificates” in Art & Design and Holistic Self-Development

Internationally Recognized Qualifications

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