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Advancing Art & Design skills

Lotus Educational Institute has been in operation since 2002 pioneering in Art Education in Dubai, UAE, with a distinct mission focused on a “Holistic Approach to Education”; and licensed as “Quality Assured Vocational Education Institution” by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai).


Visa Support Services

Providing visa support services for aspiring international students, who are planning to migrate to Dubai, UAE for educational purposes, facilitating a smooth transition to ensure a seamless experience from enrollment to arrival.


KHDA Quality Assured Training Programmes

Providing KHDA Quality Assured Vocational Training Programmes with Training Diplomas and Advanced Training Diplomas in Fine Arts and Visual Communications.


Flexible Training Programmes

Flexible programmes that meets each and every individual needs with adaptable timings that align with the students preferred schedule.


Multi-national & Expert Artists

Highly qualified members of faculty hailing from diverse national backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.


Private, Semi-Private & Group Classes

Offering range of class options to suit your each and everyone’s preferences, including private, semi-private, and group classes, available on both weekdays and weekends.

LOTUS programmes & courses

With over 2 decades of experience providing varieties of training in Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Graphic Design.

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    Lotus testimonials

    Roua Badwan, Lebenan


    Since joining Lotus institute , I have learnt so much about the interior design field. At fist it was challenging, but then it become more of a challenging yet enjoyable experience. After the intensive courses...

    Aseel Mansour, UAE


    Patient teachers, amazing talent and creative work!

    Ekaterina Nikonorova


    I am lucky to grow in beauty and art with Lotus for a year. Starting from Interior design course where I was honored and happy to work with my final project of creating design of...

    Ouddhena Eronigca, Malaysia


    I’ve been attending Lotus Institute for slightly over a year now and I am grateful as to how the programme is designed in a manner that it works coherently with my odd job that comes...

    Najeeb Jomaa, Lebenon


    During my brief and ongoing learning experience with Lotus institute, I have learned a lot of new techniques and information, I have also definitely improved my skills in drawing and color composing which have come...

    Salma Aljallad, UAE


    I really amazed about how now  I can draw and not just normal drawing even 3D drawing so I am so happy and thankful for the teachers for knowledge in interior design . It ‘s a...

    Samar.S. Mubder, Iraq


    When I first came to Lotus institute, I was thinking of taking some classes to develop myself however now I’m attending to have my professional program of Fine Arts after much consideration and observation from teachers,...

    Sara Ansari, Iran


    Although I have been familiar with art and drawing, I have gained more with art and drawing , I have gained more knowledge and improved in art. One course of that is the friendly atmosphere...

    Ana Maria correia Loeao Torres


    This was a unique opportunity in my life! Taking the advantage of staying one year in Dubai. I had a dream of taking a painting course, as I love painting. I wanted to learn and...

    Bary Jakson


    A useful information to the world of digital photography.

    Lama Wazzan


    Relaxed academic atmosphere is not only helping me enhance my skills talents. We are being thought by friendly professionals that guide us into the great world of arts by building a stable base and growing...

    Dima Al Munajed


    Although I’ve been painting and drawing since I was five ,the keys to drawing and understanding colors courses have dramatically changed the way I draw and see colors.

    May Roodrignez


    From the first to last lesson I learned something every time.

    Rana Alwi, Lebenon


    Useful class, wealth of information.

    Providing Art Classes Through Specialized Courses in Dubai

    The arts have always served as the vessel through which creativity flows, where imagination is given birth, where visions are brought to life, where the impossible is made possible. It is the expression of human imagination, given physical form through various channels such as photography, painting, drawing, and music. Throughout the years, schools of higher learning have expanded the horizons of the arts through further study. However, while the fields evolve in sophistication, the fundamentals remain the same.

    Lotus Education Institute FZ-LLC aims to grow the talents and skills of people who have a fascination for arts and design by strengthening their understanding through in-depth art therapy classes in Dubai.

    Enriching Local Talent Through Comprehensive Art Courses

    As one of the best art schools in the country, we believe that growth is driven by exploration and discovery. One can only get better through endless hours of practice and application. With each art class, we at Lotus aim to provide artists with a platform to learn more efficiently through proper guidance in their chosen art. Dubai students who want to expand their own understanding can come to our institute and hone their skills through specially curated classes designed to gently guide learners to a world of knowledge and discovery.

    Whether you are interested in personal development traininggraphic designphotographyinterior design coursekids activities drwaing or painting our school will be readily available to enrich you with new knowledge and skills.

    Tiered Class Levels for More Organised, Formalised Learning

    Unlike other schools, our art courses have been developed to help students learn more in every art class through highly intensive and comprehensive curricula. Our courses are tiered according to depth and sophistication, allowing learners to acclimatise properly to every stage of learning. Every class is presided by an experienced instructor, ensuring that our arts and design classes are always geared towards helping learners achieve a higher level of understanding their art. Dubai students can freely choose the courses that best fit their comprehension and skill level.

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