These course-subjects are attested and approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai, UAE. Each having a designated duration that involves evaluations as prerequisites for course completion. Upon successfully completing the duration of a specific course with specified portfolio submissions and internships if necessary, students will be able to qualify in obtaining either a Training Diploma in Creative Photography or Professional Certificate in Digital Photography as mentioned below:


🏅 Advanced Training Diploma in Visual Communications is attained upon the successful completion of all requisite courses in Photography and Graphic Design Programmes, encompassing a cumulative duration of 600 hours, equivalent to a 12-month timeframe.


This training programme offers an in-depth exploration of varieties and genres of photography and editing techniques through a comprehensive curriculum. This course is designed for individuals who want to develop their photography skills and pursue a creative career in photography. The programme covers fundamental concepts, lighting techniques, editing skills, and provides practical experience both indoors and outdoors. Internship opportunities are also available to enhance hands-on learning.


Duration: 300 hours

Award: Lotus Training Diploma in Creative Photography



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This course focuses on developing digital photography skills with a specialization in a chosen genre. It covers essential photography concepts, lighting techniques, and editing skills. Students will have the opportunity to focus on a specific genre of photography that aligns with their interests and personal use.


Duration: 72 hours

Award: Lotus Training Certificate in Professional or Intensive Digital Photography



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This short course is an overview of essential digital photography skills. It is a general understanding of photography topics in taking better photos with own camera and lenses intended for personal use.


Duration: 30 hours

Award: Lotus Training Certificate in Beginner’s Photography



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The Customized Digital Photography training course is tailored to individual student needs. Students can choose specific topics from the main curriculum, including Fundamentals of Photography, Lighting in Photography, and Editing in Photography. The course offers flexibility in terms of duration and content.


Duration: Flexible

Award: Lotus Attendance Letter



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This course covers Graphic Designing, Creating Motion Graphics and Reels, and Making Short Videos with the simple and user friendly apps/programmes. It equips students with the skills needed to create engaging visual content for social media platforms.


Duration: 30 hours

Award: Lotus Training Certificate in Social Media Production



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Lotus photography workshops provide a brief overview of various photography subjects, including Creative Photography, Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Real Estate Photography, Landscape Photography, Products Photography, Travel Photography, Etc. These workshops offer insights into different photography genres.


Duration: 3 hours (Each Subject)

Award: Lotus Attendance Letter



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The objective of the “Quick Start-up Photography” course is to guide students in swiftly learning how to use their new cameras by introducing them to the main buttons and features in a short period of time.


Duration: 90 min.

Award: N/A


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