Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC, established since 2002, is an officially licensed institution under the supervision of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai, UAE. Situated in Dubai Knowledge Park, Lotus Educational Institute is the pioneer of providing its own unique curriculum for Arts&Design and Holisticology training programmes in the region towards the mission of “Holistic Approach to Education.” It aligns with official guidelines to offer programmes that enhance human skills and performance. With a diverse and highly qualified international faculty, the institute provides Professional Certificates and Training Diploma programmes in “Arts & Design,” which encompasses Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting), Visual Arts (Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Photography). Furthermore, Lotus offers training courses in “Holisticology” dedicated to well-being and personal development. In total, the institute offers over 300 course-subjects and workshops, fostering a comprehensive and enriching educational experience. Lotus Educational Institute’s training structure is organized into four distinct categories: (a) Training Diploma Programmes, offers comprehensive course-programmes in Fine Arts and Visual Communications, with varying durations ranging from 300-600 hours for standard Training Diploma and 600-1200 hours for Advanced Training Diploma. These programmes encompass a wide array of course-subjects and include assessments through evaluations system; (b) Course Training, which individuals can delve into single subjects within these training programmes. These course-subjects require a minimum of 30 hours of training and provide participants with the choice to undergo final evaluation for the attainment of a Lotus Certificate or opt for training without evaluation, which results in a Lotus Attendance Letter only; (c) Workshop Training, offers single-topic workshops with durations spanning from 3-15 hours. Regular workshops do not include evaluation, while expertise workshops provide evaluation opportunities, allowing participants to earn a prestigious Lotus Expert Letter; (d) Personal Training, Lotus offers unique Holistic Consulting, Coaching, and Training, meticulously tailored to cater to each individual’s specific well-being and personal development needs, both in their personal and professional life and career. LOTUS follows a certification process, awarding Certificates and Training Diplomas to students upon successful completion of course-subjects or course-programmes, provided they submit an acceptable portfolio, including satisfactory artworks, projects, essays, and passing the final evaluation session. LOTUS does not bear responsibility for missed classes during UAE public holidays, and there is no guarantee of transferring or converting completed course-subjects or course-programmes to other local or non-local institutions, such as schools, colleges, or universities. Furthermore, LOTUS reserves the right to admit or reject applicants or students based on their training performance and behavior within the Institute. The Institute is not accountable for the moral, mental, social, or political background and history of its students. LOTUS may introduce new rules and programmes, as outlined on its website and in printed materials. Students are expected to stay informed, follow, and adhere to the updated LOTUS rules and programmes continuously. LOTUS reserves the right to capture, store, and utilize students’ personal photos, artworks, portfolios, research copies, or related soft copies, as well as photographs of classes and campus environments for non-profit purposes, including its website, advertisements, and publications. The fees paid by students are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. This policy remains in effect even in cases of withdrawal, absence, visa issues, illness, personal or social problems, and so on. However, if a student cancels their registered course(s) within the first week of the programme, they may receive credit for the remaining hours, which can be used for another course. These credits are subject to LOTUS’ updated policy and cannot be transferred to another person. Students are allowed an only ONE-time freeze of the session for any personal issue, with a maximum duration of 30 days, for each course. To request a session freeze, the student must officially inform the institute via email, at least 48 hours on a working day before the scheduled session, and await approval from LOTUS Training Department. In the event of an absence, the student should formally notify the Institute (by email), at least 48 hours on a working day prior to the scheduled session, and this is subject to approval by LOTUS Training Department. Registered courses can be extended for a maximum of ONE month from the originally scheduled end date, subject to approval by LOTUS Training Office. Any remaining hours after the approved extension will be automatically forfeited. LOTUS also reserves the right to modify course programmes and increase tuition fees for courses and services without prior notice, based on professional development and market demand. Any returned cheques will result to a penalty fee, amounting to AED 525, and a 10% charge of the course-subject fee for any final evaluation. To obtain a Lotus Certificate with Attestation from KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority), students are required to successfully complete the course and submit acceptable artworks or projects. Lotus Administration handles the certificate issuance at the end of each semester, and it typically takes 3 to 4 months before certificates are ready. Each certificate carries a fee of AED 250. For those seeking a quicker attestation process, a fast-track option is available upon the student’s request. This expedited service shortens the processing time to a minimum of 10 working days, but it does come at an increased cost of AED 550 per certificate. Students who require special care must have the capability to ensure their own safety, travel to and from the campus food court, utilize the environmental facilities, and provide their transportation. Additional considerations for Media Students: (a) LOTUS offers Professional Training Programmes in Graphic Design and Photography, irrespective of the type of camera and related equipment students possess. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each student to familiarize themselves with their own camera, computer, and other related equipment. This can be achieved by reading factory manuals available in various formats, including booklets, PDF files, online resources, or video tutorials. (b) The specified course durations within the Professional Photography Programme are designed with adults (aged 18 and above) in mind. For students below 18 years of age, the duration may be extended as needed, depending on the student’s capability and in accordance with the recommendations of the instructors. (c) If a student requires additional practice to successfully pass a course, they will be required to REPEAT the same course or specific portions as determined by the instructor. Furthermore, any extra training needs, equipment, or services requested by the student will incur separate charges, which will be calculated and communicated accordingly. (d) Students are responsible for diligently taking notes during all classes and creating their personal course notebooks. They should also be prepared to utilize and follow any recommended textbooks or online resources provided by the Instructors. (e) The sequence of topics and the scheduling of classes are at the discretion of the instructors, based on the specific professional needs of the students. (f) All classes related to Photography, Graphic Design, and Design Software are conducted in either individual or semi-group training settings, with a maximum of 5 students at a time for both theory and practical topics. However, the preferred methodology for training in these areas is “One-to-One training” to ensure the highest level of efficiency and individualized learning. (g) Absences from scheduled classes do not qualify for refunds, transfers, or makeup sessions. (h) It is mandatory for the awarding of any professional training in Photography and Graphic Design that students present a comprehensive essay and an acceptable final portfolio. These elements are essential for successfully completing the training in these disciplines. (i) Upon successful completion of the course(s) and submission of the required portfolio/project for evaluation, students can apply for certification attested by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). (j) All terms and conditions stipulated in the signed Consent Form for field trips and outdoor activities must be strictly adhered to and followed by students. (k) Students are liable for any damages caused to the institute’s property as a result of their misuse. (l) Students are required to have their own equipment for classes and are eligible to use general equipment at the Institute for FREE as part of their training. Additional considerations for KIDS classes: In art classes, all materials are provided and must be left at the studio after each session (Except for digital and media classes). During the enrollment process, it is essential for parents or guardians to inform LOTUS of any preexisting medical conditions, allergies, or mental or physical disabilities that may affect the student’s participation in class. Students should be escorted to and from the Institute by a parent or guardian, signed in upon arrival, and promptly collected at the end of each class. Parents or guardians must also provide information about any other authorized individuals who may collect their child, and these authorized individuals will be required to sign when the child is picked up. This is done to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. LOTUS provides an opportunity for students to attend a make-up session in the event of their non-attendance, provided that they have notified the institute in advance of their absence. It’s important to note that the availability of make-up classes may not be guaranteed for all classes. In each course, only one (1) make-up class is allowed, regardless of the number of times a student misses a class. If a student misses another session and requests an additional make-up class, an extra fee of AED 110 will be charged to cover the cost of the missed session. For Photography classes, no make-up sessions are permitted. In the event of a student’s cancellation, there will be no refunds or transfers. Students who successfully complete two levels of each course (Part I and Part II) are eligible to receive a Lotus Certificate with KHDA Attestation upon payment of an additional fee of AED 250. This statement affirms that my child is in good mental and physical health and is well-suited to participate in the kids training programme provided by Lotus Educational Institute. I acknowledge that Lotus Educational Institute retains the right to deny admission to any student not meeting the programme’s standards at its discretion. I also agree not to hold any parties responsible if the child engages in inappropriate conduct, which may include disruptive or volatile behavior both within and outside of the institute. Additionally, if the child becomes involved in any activity or with any persons not associated with Lotus Educational Institute or its scheduled programme, Lotus Educational Institute has the right to send the child home for inappropriate conduct. LOTUS will apply a standard VAT rate of 5% to all fees and services starting 1st of January, 2018. This “Declaration and Agreement” is an integral part of the Lotus Application Form. By signing it, the applicant or student acknowledges that they have read and understood (in English) the contents of the form, accepted these terms respectfully and commit to abiding by them. After the date of signing the Lotus Application Form for official registration at LOTUS, students have no grounds for making any claims. All details provided in the LOTUS Application Form are affirmed to be accurate and correct. In the event of any changes to the information provided, students are required to promptly inform LOTUS.