Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC (since 2001), is an official institution which has been licensed and recognized by Dubai Government (KHDA), located in Dubai Knowledge Park, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

(a) Lotus is conducting academic training programme in Graphic Design and Photography (regardless of what particular camera and related equipment the students have); therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to learn and be aware about his/her own camera/computer and other related equipment by reading factory manuals in different available formats such as booklet, PDF file, online or video-tutorials.

(b) The mentioned duration for all courses under the Academic Photography Programme are ideal for adults (aged 18 and above). For students below 18 years old, the duration might be doubled depending on the capability of the student and based on the instructors’ recommendation.

(c) In case if the student needs more practice to successfully pass the course, student is required to REPEAT the same course or part according to the Instructor’s decision; also, for any extra training needs or equipment or services (Upon student’s request) separate charge will be calculated and announced.

(d) It is the student’s responsibility to take notes from all classes and make her/his own textbook of the course, beside preparing and following any text or online sources recommended by Instructors.

(e) The arrangement of topics and timing of classes is always the responsibility of the instructors’ recommendation upon student’s academic needs.

(f) All classes for Photography, Graphic Design and Design Softwares are conducting in individual or semi-group training (Max. 4 students at same time) for theory and practical topics, but methodology of training for both is “One-to-One training” for the best efficiency.

(g) In case of emergency or serious medical afflictions, student may request for freezing of the session (with maximum duration of 30 days) and will be permitted once for each course. The student should officially inform the institute (by email) regarding his/her request for freezing of the session (at least 24 hours of working day before the scheduled session) and will be subject for approval from LOTUS Training Department.

(h) Fees are excluding the extra expenses such as registration fee, certificate and attestation fees, printing and binding, and instructional materials (Books, pamphlets, textbooks, video, and slide presentations, etc.) or presentation such as events or exhibitions.

(i) There is no refund; no transfer and no makeup session if the student is absent from his/her scheduled class. If the student missed a session, the missed topic will be covered in the next session. If in case of emergency, the student wants to have a makeup session for his/her missing class, he/she needs to pay an additional fee of AED 210 for each session (60 minutes).

(j) Presenting a comprehensive essay and acceptable final portfolio is mandatory for awarding of any Professional Certificate in Photography and Graphic Design.

(k) Upon successfully completing the course(s) and submitting the required portfolio/project for evaluation, students will be eligible to apply for certification attested by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority).

(l) All terms and conditions written on the signed Consent Form for field trips and outdoor activities shall be strictly implemented and followed by students.

(m) Student will be charged for any damages on the institute’s property as a result from student’s misuse.

(n) Students need to have their own equipment for classes and also eligible to use general equipment at the Institute for FREE.

All details in the LOTUS Application Form are true and correct and if there is any change on the information, student is required to inform LOTUS immediately. This “Declaration and Agreement” is attached to the Lotus Application Form which has been read (in English) and understood, accepted respectfully, and abide by the applicant/student. LOTUS will charge VAT at a standard rate of 5% in all fees and services from 1st of January 2018. Student has no right to make any claim after the date of signing Lotus Application Form for official registration at LOTUS.