Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC (since 2002), is an official institution which has been licensed by Dubai Government (KHDA), located in Dubai Knowledge Park, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Lotus according to its own unique mission of “Holistic Approach to Education” and in order to follow the official guidelines of “conducting programmes for development of human skills and performance” and also with a highly qualified multi-national Faculty Members, provides Professional Certificate Training programmes in “Arts & Design” (Including Drawing and Painting, Interior Design and Decoration, Graphic Design and Advertising, Fine Art Photography, Calligraphy and Typography) as well as “Holisticology” (Well-being and Personal Development) through conducting more than 300 course-subjects and workshops training. Lotus training structure includes four main categories as follow: a) Professional Training for a Course-programme (300-600 OR 1200-1500 for Advance training) in particular area of Arts and Design or Holisticology which includes several Course-subjects with assessment (evaluation/examination); (b) Course Training for a single subject with duration of min 30 hrs training with assessment (For awarding Lotus Certificate) OR without assessment (For Lotus Attendance Letter); (c) Workshop Training as a single title and duration of 3-15 hrs training without assessment for regular workshops OR with assessment for expertise workshops and receiving Lotus Expert Letter; and (d) Personal Training that provides a unique Holistic Consulting/Coaching/Training for a comprehensive wellbeing and personal development in life and career, upon each individual needs. LOTUS awards its certificates for students on completion (Submitting the acceptable portfolio, including acceptable artworks/projects/essay, beside the pass-mark of examination/evaluation session) of each course-subjects or course-programme (excluding Preparatory Subjects). LOTUS is not responsible to cover all the missed classes during the UAE public holidays. LOTUS does not guarantee for the transferring or converting any course-subjects or course-programmes which students passed and completed in LOTUS, to any local or non-local institutions including schools, colleges or/and universities. LOTUS reserves the right to choose any applicant or student upon her/his weak training report and/or unacceptable behavior in the Institute. LOTUS will not undertake any responsibility for the students’ moral, mental, social and political background and history. LOTUS has the right to announce and act the new rules and programmes, presented in its website and the printed materials. The students are required to read, follow up and abide by the updated LOTUS rules and programmes continuously. LOTUS reserves the right to take, keep and use the students’ personal photos, artworks, portfolios, research copies or any related soft copies and the photos of the classes and campus environment for non-profit usages such as its website, advertisements, and publications. The fees payments by students are not refundable or transferable under any circumstances (Such as withdrawal, absence, visa problems, and sickness, personal or social problems and so on) although for cancelation of the registered course(s) at the first week of programme, student may receive only credit of remained hours to use for another course. Credits will be valid based on updated LOTUS policy and is not transferable to any other person. Only ONE time freezing of the session (with maximum duration of 30 days) will be permitted for each course. The student should officially inform the institute (by email) regarding his/her request for freezing of the session (at least 24 hours of working day before the scheduled session) and will be subject for approval from LOTUS Training Department. In case the student will be absent, he/she should inform the Institute officially in writing (by email) at least 24 hrs before the scheduled session and shall be subject to LOTUS Training Department approval. Registered course can only be extended for a maximum of ONE month from the scheduled end date and will be subject for approval from LOTUS Training Office. All remaining hours after the approved extension will be automatically forfeit. LOTUS reserves the right to change the Course programmes and increase the tuition fees for the courses and services without prior announcement based on professional development and demand of marketing. There are penalties of AED 525 for any returned cheque and 10% of each course-subject will be charged for any final re-examination or evaluation. Student must complete the course and submit the required acceptable artworks or projects to be eligible to receive Lotus Certificate with Government Attestation (By KHDA) Lotus Administration is arranging the certificate at the end of each semester and usually it takes 3 to 4 months before it will be issued. Each Certificate costs AED 250. Quick attestation upon student’s request takes minimum of 10 working days at the cost of AED 550 per-certificate. The student with special care must be able to handle his/her safety, travel to/from campus food court, use environment facilities, and have own transportation. Additional for Media students: (a) Lotus is conducting professional training programme in Graphic Design and Photography (regardless of what particular camera and related equipment the students have); therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to learn and be aware about his/her own camera/computer and other related equipment by reading factory manuals in different available formats such as booklet, PDF file, online or video-tutorials. (b) The mentioned duration for all courses under the Professional Photography Programme are ideal for adults (aged 18 and above). For students below 18 years old, the duration might be doubled depending on the capability of the student and based on the instructors’ recommendation. (c) In case if the student needs more practice to successfully pass the course, student is required to REPEAT the same course or part according to the instructor’s decision; also, for any extra training needs or equipment or services (Upon student’s request) separate charge will be calculated and announced. (d) It is the student’s responsibility to take notes from all classes and make her/his own textbook of the course, beside preparing and following any text or online sources recommended by Instructors. (e) The arrangement of topics and timing of classes is always the responsibility of the instructors’ recommendation upon student’s professional needs. (f) All classes for Photography, Graphic Design and Design Softwares are conducting in individual or semi-group training (Max. 4 students at same time) for theory and practical topics, but methodology of training for both is “One-to-One training” for the best efficiency. (g) In case of emergency or serious medical afflictions, student may request for freezing of the session (with maximum duration of 30 days) and will be permitted once for each course. The student should officially inform the institute (by email) regarding his/her request for freezing of the session (at least 24 hours of working day before the scheduled session) and will be subject for approval from LOTUS Training Department. (h) Fees are excluding the extra expenses such as registration fee, certificate and attestation fees, printing and binding, and instructional materials (Books, pamphlets, textbooks, video, and slide presentations, etc.) or presentation such as events or exhibitions. (i) There is no refund; no transfer and no makeup session if the student is absent from his/her scheduled class. If the student missed a session, the missed topic will be covered in the next session. If in case of emergency, the student wants to have a makeup session for his/her missing class, he/she needs to pay an additional fee of AED 210 for each session (60 minutes). (j) Presenting a comprehensive essay and acceptable final portfolio is mandatory for awarding of any professional training in Photography and Graphic Design. (k) Upon successfully completing the course(s) and submitting the required portfolio/project for evaluation, students will be eligible to apply for certification attested by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). (l) All terms and conditions written on the signed Consent Form for field trips and outdoor activities shall be strictly implemented and followed by students. (m) Student will be charged for any damages on the institute’s property as a result from student’s misuse. (n) Students need to have their own equipment for classes and eligible to use general equipment at the Institute for FREE. All details in the LOTUS Application Form are true and correct and if there is any change on the information, student is required to inform LOTUS immediately. Additional for KIDS classes: Materials are supplied for art classes. All materials must be left at the studio after each session. For Photography classes, each student must bring their own materials and equipment. At the time of enrolment, parents/guardians should notify Lotus of any existing medical condition, allergy or mental or physical disability of the student that may affect his/her participation in class. Student should be escorted to and from the Institute by a parent or guardian, signed in on arrival and collected promptly at the end of each class. Parents/guardians of students must also inform the Institute of any other person authorized to collect their child who will be required to sign when the child is collected. If student is unable to attend a session, a make-up session may be available if we have had warning of non-attendance. We cannot guarantee there will be availability in all classes for a make-up class. In each course, only one (1) make-up class is given regardless of how many times the student will not attend for the class. If the student will miss one more session and requested for another makeup class, we will charge additional fee of AED 110 to cover the missing session. For Photography classes, no make-up session is allowed. There will be no refund and no transfer in case of cancellation by the student. Student who completed two levels of each course is eligible to receive Lotus Certificate with KHDA Attestation upon payment of an additional fee of AED 250.This “Declaration and Agreement” is attached to the Lotus Application Form which has been read (in English) and understood, accepted respectfully, and abide by the applicant/student. LOTUS will charge VAT at a standard rate of 5% in all fees and services from 1st of January 2018. Student has no right to make any claim after the date of signing Lotus Application Form for official registration at LOTUS. All details in the LOTUS Application Form are true and correct and if there is any change to the information, student is required to inform LOTUS immediately. LOTUS will charge VATat a standard rate of 5% in all services and fees starting 1st of January 2018. I hereby state that is in good mental and physical health condition to participate in the kids training provided by Lotus Educational Institute. I understand that Lotus Educational Institute has the right to deny admittance to any student not meeting the standards of the programme as it sees fit. I also agree not to hold these parties responsible in the event that my child engages in inappropriate conduct (Including, but not limited to disruptive or volatile behavior in or out of the institute, etc.) or becomes involved in any activity or with any persons not associated with Lotus Educational Institute, or its scheduled program and that Lotus Educational Institute, has the right to send him/her home for inappropriate conduct. I further attest that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. In addition, I have agreed to the policy and fee statement and agree to comply.