The name “Lotus” finds its origin in the lotus flower, which holds profound symbolism across various cultures, including ancient Iran, India, and ancient Egypt. The lotus flower is a sacred symbol, often associated with enlightenment, serenity, and inner awareness. In Persian culture, the lotus flower has a rich history and can be seen prominently featured in art, notably in the iconic Persepolis monument near Shiraz, Iran. The lotus flower, depicted in our logo, is a significant symbol of purity and spiritual growth. It is deeply rooted in various mythologies and religious traditions, representing the light of life, tranquility, and inner awakening. At Lotus Educational Institute, our name and logo encapsulate the essence of the lotus flower’s profound cultural significance and its connection to enlightenment and artistic expression.



Lotus Educational Institute, a pioneer in providing Arts and Design courses in Dubai, UAE since 2002, and prides itself on its unique and exclusive curriculum, crafted to meet international standards while also incorporating localized customization. Lotus has been licensed as a Vocational Education Institution for Arts and Design and offers KHDA Quality Assured Programmes, including Advanced Training Diplomas in Fine Arts and Visual Communications, as well as Training Diplomas in Creative Graphic Design, Creative Photography, and Creative Drawing & Painting topics, beside of providing varieties of single course-subjects in Drawing, Painting, Photography, and Graphic Design with affordable tuition fees and flexible timetables for kids, teens and adults.


The main training activities of Lotus during previous years till present, are as follow:

– 2001: Registered as Freelancing licence for the training activities of Arts and Health

– 2002: Registered as FZ-LLC for providing training courses and workshops

– till 2010: Providing Arts&Design, Holisticology, Computer Science, Management, and Foreign Languages

– till 2023: Providing Arts&Design, Holstic Self Development and Art Therapy

– from 2024: Providing Arts&Design (Diploma training programmes)



  • Exquisite training programmes that are highly flexible and tailored to meet the individual needs of each learner. Whether it be for professional development or personal enrichment, these programmes are designed to accommodate each unique goals and schedules.
  • Specializing in corporate training and development packages that address specific organizational goals.
  • With an open year-round registration, learners of all ages are welcome to join our diverse community. Whether you’re a working professional looking to advance your career or a lifelong learner pursuing a passion, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive environment at Lotus Educational Institute.
  • Highly qualified faculty hailing from diverse national backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to providing engaging and interactive instruction that fosters growth and development in every student.
  • Offering range of class options to suit each and everyone’s preferences, including private, semi-private, and group classes, available on both weekdays and weekends. This flexibility ensures that aspiring students can find a schedule that fits their lifestyle and learning style.
  • Committed in maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment for all learners, regardless of age, race, religion, or ethnicity and believing in fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and collaboration where everyone can thrive.
  • Located in Dubai’s vibrant educational hub, offering convenient access to various facilities, including hotels, food courts and restaurants, clinics and health clubs, bookstores and stationery shops, art galleries, Etc. With easy access to public transportation, getting to and from the campus makes it efficient and convenient for all students.
  • Providing visa support services for aspiring students planning to migrate to Dubai, UAE for educational purposes, facilitating a smooth transition to ensure a seamless experience from enrollment to arrival. A dedicated team will be present to assist the students in every step of the way as they embark on their educational journey with Lotus.


Lotus Educational Institute has a rich history that began with the visionary leadership of its founder and chairman, Professor Dr. MohammadRamin Zia. An internationally acclaimed figure, he has excelled in various fields of study, academia, artistry, and therapy with the brief main academic activities as follow:

– from 1986: Teaching Persian Calligraphy in Iranian Association of Calligraphy.

– from 1990: Teaching Metaphysics and Self-development.

– from 1992: Teaching Graphic Design in state universities.

– 1994: Founding Arts Management by establishing ZiaBonyan Inst.; the first Cultural and Arts Management institution in Iran.

– 1999: Teaching the first classes in Dubai for Visual Arts, Art Therapy, and Therapeutic Movements.

– 2000: Founding Holistic Health Centre; the first Holistic Health polyclinic in Dubai (Providing Holistic Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Chineses Medicie)

– 2002-Present: Founding Lotus Educational Institute; the first training institution in Dubai for providing academic course programmes in Arts&Design, Art Therapy, Holistic Well-being and Self-Development.


Under his guidance, Lotus Educational Institute has continually strived for excellence, offering innovative educational programmes and fostering a dynamic learning environment. His vision and leadership have propelled the institute to become a beacon of educational quality and innovation, attracting students and faculty from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Throughout its history, Lotus Educational Institute has remained committed to his vision of empowering individuals through education, nurturing talent, and fostering Holistic Development. As the institution continues to grow and evolve, it remains indebted to the visionary leadership of its founder, whose legacy continues to inspire and guide its journey towards excellence.