LOTUS is a name of several kinds of water lilies; used in religious ceremonies as a holy symbol. The LOTUS flower appeared in legends originating from Iran, India and ancient Egypt. Generally it refers to light of life, calmness, serenity and inner awareness. The LOTUS flower used here as logo, has been featured extensively throughout the art of ancient Iran. It has been used in Persepolis monument located near Shiraz in Iran


Lotus Educational Institute FZ-LLC (since 2001) is licensed by KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) as a “Human Resource Development and Training Centre” and works based on the rules and regulations of TECOM Free Zone Authority, located at Dubai Knowledge Park, United Arab Emirates. With its unique mission of “Holistic Aproach to Education” and in order to follow the official guidelines of “conducting programmes for development of human skills and performance”, Lotus provides its own and exclusive qualifications (Including course programmes, syllabuses, curriculums, and assessment/evaluation system) in Arts & Design and Holisticology. Some of advantages of studying at Lotus are as follow:

  • Providing professional qualifications with awarding different levels of Lotus Certificates attested by Dubai government KHDA.
  • Flexibility of training programmes based on organizations and individual’s needs.
  • Designing unique corporative training and development packages.
  • Open registration at any time of the year and for any age.
  • Multi-national and high qualified faculty members.
  • Availability of private, semi-private and group classes (on weekdays and weekends).
  • Friendly environment and warm welcoming regardless of age, race, religion, and colour.
  • Campus facilities such as hotels, food courts and restaurants, clinics and health clubs, book shop and stationary, art gallery, transportation, technical services, etc.