Portfolio Preparation


The Portfolio Preparation course will assist students in preparing their portfolio for application to their chosen area of study. Also, this will develops the student’s visual, practical and technical skills to give them the framework to build a diverse portfolio that will showcase their strengths, creativity and interests. The course gives the students the opportunity to work in an exceptional art school setting which is an exciting and vibrant place for creativity and inspiration.

Through a series of organized projects student will develop a broad understanding of the areas of art and design they might want to study further. Students can benefit from this course as they will have a bigger chance to successfully enter to Higher or Further Education in Fine Art and Design courses.
Advantages of taking this course:

  • Learn from our industry experienced art and design instructors.
  • Learn new methods and practices to improve your work and develop your skills base.
  • Widen your art & design understanding by learning new techniques, skills and disciplines.
  • Learn how to build a successful portfolio by knowing what to include and what to leave out and how to exhibit your work at its best.
    We have two categories for this course.

General Portfolio

This unique programme is designed for students aged 15 yrs old and above who wish to build a wide-ranged portfolio. The structure used for this course is the common standard requirement of some institutes and universities.
Student will focus to practically do the following topics:

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Perspective
  • Painting
  • 3D

Customized Portfolio:

This tailored course is extensive and flexible in content so it can suit accordingly and specifically to the requirement of the student’s preferred university or field of study. The student will be required to present the official requirement coming from the institute or university they are eyeing to submit their portfolio and based from that, our experts will customize the topics and content of the course. Students aged 15 yrs old and above can join this programme.