Roua Badwan, Lebenan


Since joining Lotus institute , I have learnt so much about the interior design field. At fist it was challenging, but then it become more of a challenging yet enjoyable experience. After the intensive courses and hard work, I’m now capable of drawing in 3D perspective view and work on AutoCad. I’m glad that I have decided to join Lotus and I am looking forward to embark my career in field that I have been always passionate about.

Aseel Mansour, UAE


Patient teachers, amazing talent and creative work!

Ekaterina Nikonorova


I am lucky to grow in beauty and art with Lotus for a year. Starting from Interior design course where I was honored and happy to work with my final project of creating design of an Italian villa. It took me more than I thought due to my necessary leave but I was very happy to accomplish my work. The teachers approach in individually centered , they create that atmosphere of positiveness and inspiration. All students are from different counties with different perceptions and visions, that expands your mind and way of thinking.

Ouddhena Eronigca, Malaysia


I’ve been attending Lotus Institute for slightly over a year now and I am grateful as to how the programme is designed in a manner that it works coherently with my odd job that comes with long and irregular working hours. I find the lecturers absolutely brilliant and well-experienced in the field of my study. As a result, I find myself better armed with the fine arts knowledge that is highly seeked-after in todays’ modern society.

Najeeb Jomaa, Lebenon


During my brief and ongoing learning experience with Lotus institute, I have learned a lot of new techniques and information, I have also definitely improved my skills in drawing and color composing which have come along way from where I started. Apart of that is also result of the soothing and creative atmosphere the teachers provide which encourages me to learn more and look forward to each class. Over all I would like to say that my experience with lotus institute have been enjoyable ,and very fruitful!

Salma Aljallad, UAE


I really amazed about how now  I can draw and not just normal drawing even 3D drawing so I am so happy and thankful for the teachers for knowledge in interior design . It ‘s a big world and very nice and I realize that interior design is every thing not just how to put furniture.

Samar.S. Mubder, Iraq


When I first came to Lotus institute, I was thinking of taking some classes to develop myself however now I’m attending to have my professional program of Fine Arts after much consideration and observation from teachers, I’m more happy now and with out the institute help I wouldn’t think of taking this huge step, I can say proudly they change my life and let me view it in more amazing way.

Sara Ansari, Iran


Although I have been familiar with art and drawing, I have gained more with art and drawing , I have gained more knowledge and improved in art. One course of that is the friendly atmosphere we have which is very important. At least, I am looking forward to learn more and more about art and become a successful artist in the future. I would like to also thank my instructors and the people that help me be where I am right now.

Ana Maria correia Loeao Torres


This was a unique opportunity in my life! Taking the advantage of staying one year in Dubai. I had a dream of taking a painting course, as I love painting. I wanted to learn and improve my painting techniques. In Lotus I found the perfect environment. Teachers were generous and friendly, even with the difficult of language; everything was made so that the communication was correct. We learnt a peaceful environment that helped to learn effectively. I thank my husband and my family for the opportunity and I thank the teachers for having received me so well and contributed to my knowledge.

Bary Jakson


A useful information to the world of digital photography.

Lama Wazzan


Relaxed academic atmosphere is not only helping me enhance my skills talents. We are being thought by friendly professionals that guide us into the great world of arts by building a stable base and growing our talents to adored master pieces.

Dima Al Munajed


Although I’ve been painting and drawing since I was five ,the keys to drawing and understanding colors courses have dramatically changed the way I draw and see colors.

May Roodrignez


From the first to last lesson I learned something every time.

Rana Alwi, Lebenon


Useful class, wealth of information.

Asim Nabi


Lotus has excellent teachers. LOTUS INSTITUTE is definitely for everyone who wants to learn different techniques of any art medium of his choice, regardless of him being a beginner in that field or an advanced artist. Here , I improved my painting techniques and by learning new ways of mixing the oil-colours and their effects on the painting. I used to paint only by copying from other artist’s work. But by joining the institute I have gained more confidence in painting live, which I consider is essential for every artist who wants to develop his own style in the future.

Rikin Khamar


The classes opened my eyes to photography. It was the right balance between theory and practice. There are many things I will take away From this class – many different things such as portrait photos, landscape, etc… I think teacher was very good and each class very interesting.

Anis Sidi Ali Mebarek


I ‘ve learn so many thing in Graphic Design. The teacher is very good and professional. Looking forward to course For the Digital Art course.

Asha Divakavan


The course is a great crash course in design to launch a beginners career in graphic design. The teaching  stuff is extremely approachable  and helpful.

Fid’a Mohammed Hammoud


Lotus was a great choice for me as I was confused with a list of schools trainings to attend and Lotus was the perfect match to what I was looking for.Besides their professional stuff. They hared helped me to achieve great results in a very short time as we started from new bies to good designers in couple of weeks, ( thanks Lotus ).

Neel Zum Vohrde


“If you think Education is expensive, try Ignorance”

Nisrine A. Malak


The course was excellent. And have learnt a lot in a very short time and I recommend it to any one interested in Graphic Design. We had a great teacher, who is very passionate about his profession.

Soukna Abbas


The best course I ever actually took is my graphic design course at Lotus institute. It really worth our time, and opened a new window to improve our skills in order to start a new way in graphic design. Planning to have more courses until reaching professionally with you expert instructors.

Vanya Antonia Perucha


I ‘m having a great discovering the tools and magic things that Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can do with your photos and artworks. All of the tutorials are easy to follow. Thumbs up for Lotus and Meiji for the teacher!

Chidinma Adaobi Obi


My class experience was very interactive and educative. I learnt a lot and Ms. Neda Azadikhah the Interior Design teacher did so well and her best to make sure we achieve and get the value for our money. Before I came had no experience in Interior Decoration but am glad I can do a lot now. The atmosphere is very conducive for learning.

Halimah Yusuf


Few weeks in Lotus helped me develop my inner skills with the help of very willing to help and well educated teacher in Interior Decoration. Friendly stuffs in a very loving learning environment. Would love to have another study session with Lotus in Interior Decoration or any other program they offer.

Wided Ajimi


It was a really a good and great experience. With this few classes we had its really rich and helpful for our knowledge. I hope that we can continue on the same field for the next session to get more information and learn more. I want to mention that Ms. Neda Azadikhah was so helpful and tried to explain to us by her best. Thanks for all

Hassan Ebrahim Haji


Hi, Thank you for a wonderful class.The course was most challenging, interesting that I have ever taken. I learned a lot and specially how to step your camera and how to select the best steps for outdoor and indoor. I’m so sorry for this course to end today.

Mina Torabi


I enjoyed every sessions fully. Thanks.

Poornima Bhtla


Try and include artistes from other background to have workshops  so you can learn creative versions of art. I enjoyed the session. Nazanin was very patient, gentle and educational. Would continue in the future.

Nina Khoury


As a beginner  I learnt a lot though out course especially the techniques of painting and have thoroughly enjoyed every minutes of it. I sure will continue in exploring more painting course. Thank you Lotus team, it was a pleasure to be with you!

Nelia Majrekar


My first experience in Oil Painting and I will be continuing . I paint as a beginner I found the Instructor to be very patient and helpful. Thank you Nazanin for introducing me to many hours of happy painting.

Karen Richardson


My Family were grown up , and I had the freedom to develop an interest , I started sketching and painting which i had always enjoyed when I was younger,Xmas, birthdays , I always received sketch pads , pencils and numerous books on Art ! yes,  i got better but needed guidance , then, I found Lotus Institute. The staff were so welcoming ,patient, and such good teachers ,i was hooked immediately  from the first lesson and have loved it ever since they have taught me the correct way rather than just  following my instinct, I now feel confident in my ability and will carry on as i am learning something new every week Additionally , I have made  new friends in what is, a lovely cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Art Ace Samson


Studying Graphic Design in Lotus Institute was a great experience. Learning here made me more confident. With my skills as an aspiring graphic designer, in every session we had, I found myself improving in terms of creativity,creating ideas and patience. It was really worth it. I want to thank Lotus Institute and our instructor Meiji for teaching me tirelessly during my stay. May God bless you more.

Majida Jounaina


I would like to thank Lotus for this experience. I really enjoyed the Photography  class with Mr. Mohammed. It was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills. There was also some nice students, great personalities I have met them and I look forward to see them again if it’s possible.

Smruti Nair


Lotus offers various art and design courses. I, being an architecture student wanted to focus on perceptive and rendering.  I( spent almost of a month or may be less, studying this course here  with Ma’am Neda and it’s my pleasure to say that she has completely enhanced my drawing skills and to be honest, I’ve never met any art teacher in Dubai who is so dedicated towards their students. I’m happy that I have made a decision to join Lotus.

Radwa Mohammed Mostafa Ismail


I was really lucky to join the Graphic Design course at Lotus Institute as I’ve learned so much about the field & enhance my skills. The instructor is very friendly and an expert in everything about Graphic Design!

Shailini Vanderpoorten


“I really love Lotus because of the professionalism that’s been applied in every course and Lotus Institute itself. The teaching is done with immense patience and in a very professional manner. The knowledge of the teachers are incredible and also their teaching experience and teaching skills. Well done Lotus! keep up your professionalism! ”

Nikhil Bhojwani


I’m glad I joined the graphic design course at Lotus Institute and it helped me complete my online image design course. I learned a lot of tricks by using the programs. The instructor is friendly and knows how to motivate his students.

Dawn Claydon


“A wonderful place to learn! Excellent courses taught by amazing, understanding, supportive, encouraging teachers. Very happy to have found this institute! ”

Arjumand Sohail


“My experience at Lotus has been very good & I’ve learned a lot. The teachers here are very friendly and take a lot of interest in every student. They are very encouraging as well. I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you so much to Neda & Nazanin!”

Ghazaleh Abbasi Saber


“I have been involved at Lotus course since one year ago and I feel that this is one of my best experiences in my life with talented, lovely instructors. The environment is so friendly & very flexible according to the need & requirements of each and every single student. I’m very satisfied that I take courses here. ”

Ayebapreye Thomas Ekeuwei


I’m grateful to the entire Lotus Institute for coordinating the program. There are no exact words to fully express my gratitude. With this program, I have been able to achieving my dreams and expand my knowledge through the hands on practical session classes. My teacher Mr. Mejie is more than a professional tutor, he guides each and every students to optimization level and this is the level of attaining professionalism.

Faiza Sebai


“Excellent atmosphere of learning the different levels of Arts and the instructors are very professional and friendly. At the same time I feel like I’m really learning a lot of art as time goes by, I gain a lot of knowledge and information. Personally, I’m enjoying being here!”

Farahnaz Mustafa Hassan


Lotus was a very nice experience for me. Very professional and entertaining at the same time. Best way to learn!

Sara Darwish


“Lotus certainly helped me to become a better artist. The teaching methods, the music, atmosphere is amazing! It takes the students to another world! Love the experience!”

Olga Maria Olafsdottir


“I really like Lotus because of the flow of the courses. What you learn from the first course you will for sure use in the next one. Te atmosphere is also very good, warm and multicultural. The teachers are very professional, their knowledge on arts obvious and how they bring the knowledge to you is very professional and personal.”

Noura Akkad


It was really a very nice experience. I learnt a lot from this course special thanks to Mr. Mejie which he made a lot of effort to fulfill this course. He was so generous he share a lot of his experience and knowledge.
Thank you so much Lotus and Mr. Mejie! It‘s so nice to deal with you .Looking forward in the near future to take another course in this lovely Institute.

Nader Boctor


It was great chance to have the photography course where a lot of information and experience received.