New ways to help you relax and concentrate

The word meditation evokes images of silence and serenity, with people sitting in a particular pose, eyes shut. But Zia and Afsoun’s Colour Meditation class is completely different. It is a method designed by Zia using the principles of mind training, specifically art therapy. During the workshops, people achieve relaxation and concentration, whilst discovering their hidden inner talent.

Zia, the man behind the concept, has two degrees. One is in graphic designing and calligraphy, and the other is a PhD in complimentary medicine. For the benefit of colour meditation he has put both into practice. “The idea is to help people reach their sub-conscious level to rediscover themselves. Engaging in art is one of the most effective ways of gaining inner peace and positive thinking,” Zia emphasises.

Afsoun has been working closely with her husband in all his yoga and meditation classes. Having a background in art she found it easy to grasp the concept. “The ultimate goal is to free the mind of stress. The path used to achieve this is through painting,” she explains.

In the first session students are given a background about universal energy, the meaning and philosophy of art and meditation. After which, every class is spent analysing the pieces of art that the students have created at home.

“We urge them to listen to some kind of music which they like and also which they don’t like to bring out certain moods and underlying feelings,” explains Afsoun.

Zia insists that there is no strict method of teaching Colour Meditation. The class is adapted according to the knowledge and background of the students with reference to art and meditation.

“Being a mental and physical health consultant and programmer, it is imperative that I deal with my students on a one-to-one basis. Our mind is like a powerful machine, always working. But most of its energy are often lost. The result is mental fatigue which causes anger, depression and so on,” he says.

Three workshops are conducted at the Pyramids complex, after which students are welcome to join Afsoun and Zia’s art classes at the Dubai International Arts Centre. “After this therapy, often people discover their hidden creativity that also increases incredibly. One man discovered what a good artist he was after 40 years of doing other things,” says Afsoun. For further details, contact Zia on 050-7740238.