Born in rural South Africa in 1968, Michael has always been fascinated with the process of creating abstract and stylistic aesthetics. Michael started his art journey at Lotus back in 2013 in order to fulfill the requirements of his Bachelor Honors Degree in Interior Architecture and Design.

He then made a career in Retail Architecture and Design. His artistic journey was greatly inspired by cultural diversity and he discovered that his interest did not lie in photo realism, but rather the freedom and experimentation that comes with creating abstract art. He felt natural and expressive and could reach within as he reflects it on the canvas. As an artist, Micheal has been exploring the art of art making and educating himself through experimentation. His work is characterized by an abstract vision of minimalism, and he enjoys working with a variety of media such as oil, acrylic, textures, collage, printing, photography, and any other material that allows me to create unique art pieces.