It was a day of joy and celebration as Lotus Educational Institute celebrated the graduation of Ms. Laila Kam Al Maz Kokash, an astounding student who took one of the institute’s popular art courses, Abstract Painting. The event was held on the 8th of December at Lotus’ main studio, G10 in Block 13 of Knowledge Park.

Ms. Laila has had a long and varied career, but her passion has always been art. Born and raised in Damascus, Syria, she has lived in Morocco, England, Kuwait, Syria, and the UAE. Ms. Laila has three bachelor’s degrees: in pharmacy, Arabic literature, and interior design. Her 17 years in real estate were to help support her family, but she finally retired in 2018 to pursue her dream of studying art.

Searched for art courses in Dubai, she found and registered with Lotus Educational Institute in the same year and there she started her painting classes. Ms. Laila is a voracious learner and always trying to expand her knowledge. She loves to experiment with different mediums and techniques, and continued to expand her curiosity to other designing courses. She is also an avid blogger who loves to share her experiences and insights with her audience.

The graduation ceremony commenced at 5 p.m. with a warm welcome from the chairman of the institute, Dr. Zia, who expressed his immense pride in the success of all the students, especially Ms. Laila. Afterwards, Ms. Laila then gave a brief presentation of her own work and also took the opportunity during her presentation to express her gratitude towards her teachers Dr. Nazanin and Dr. Neda for their guidance and support throughout her studies. She praised their expertise and dedication, and credited them for helping her to develop her skills and achieve her goals. She acknowledged that without their support and encouragement, her graduation would not have been possible. She was very grateful at the institute for the wonderful opportunity it had given her to learn, grow, and develop her skills.

She also thanked her friends and family for their unwavering support throughout her journey. Her graduation was a remarkable point in her life that marked the successful accomplishment of her studies at Lotus Educational Institute. She has worked hard and faced numerous obstacles along the way, but still, she was able to graduate, getting the highest score in abstract painting It was a proud moment for her and her family, who had been with her at every step.

Right after the awarding of certificates, the ceremony was followed by a tour of the institute’s new department, Lotus Art Production. The stated aim of the new department was to create a revolutionary form of art production that focuses on the latest state-of-the-art printing technology, reproducing high-quality art products using traditional and modern methods.

Sample products such as artbooks, art prints and postal cards were passed on for the students and attendees to see. The samples left an ambience of amazement and surprise to everyone.

The event concluded with Ms. Laila thanking everyone who had supported her throughout her journey, and the chairman returning the gesture to Ms. Laila for being an inspiration to the students of the institute. Ms. Laila’s achievement was a reminder of the power of determination and hard work.

It was a moment of pride for everyone at the institute and a reminder of what can be achieved with dedication and perseverance.

Lotus Educational Institute wishes Ms. Laila all the best in her future endeavors in the world of art. The institute believes that her passion, perseverance and hard work is an inspiration to many and it is proud to have played a role in her journey. The institute hopes that she will continue to develop her skills and reach new heights in the world of art, and it looks forward to seeing her future creations and achievements.