A) Lotus issues and awards its own certificates to adult student (holding min high school diploma, except for Professional Certificate programmes) on completion of his/her studying at Lotus which means passing successfully a course assessments (presentation evaluating/in written examination) base on the requirements of each courses, provided by Lotus Training Dept: (a) Submitting an acceptable essay (typing in Word format with standard binding) for each course-subject, and(b) Presenting 5 to 15 (depend on subject and faculty expectation) acceptable final artworks (hard copy of colour-print and soft copy-300 dpi high resolution or JPEG format).

B) The routes of certification at Lotus are:

  1. Lotus Attendance Certificate (attending without evaluation) for 30 hrs training and less.
  2. Lotus Certificate (attending with evaluation) for 30 to less than 300 hrs training.
  3. Lotus Professional Certificate for min 300 hrs training and more.
  4. Lotus Advanced Certificate for min 600 hrs training.
  5. Lotus Expert Certificate (For specialized workshops).

1. Lotus Attendance Certificate

For attending in a Course-subject (min. 30 hrs training for each level) without assessment (evaluation/examination) as well as workshop or seminar.

2. Lotus Certificate

Min. 30 hrs training for each level; On completion of a Course-subject.

3. Lotus Professional Certificate

Min. 300 training; On completion of a Course-programme in particular area such as Graphics Design, Interior Design, Contemporary Painting, Digital Photography and so on.

4. Lotus Advanced Certificate

Min. 600 training; On completion of a Course-programme as combination of group of course-subjects, depends on offered qualification in Fine Arts and Visual Arts.

5. Lotus Expert Certificate

For specialized trainings with senior students, regardless to duration of the course or workshop.

C) Sample of the proposed certificate at Lotus is as follow:

  1. Registration for keys to drawing
  2. Attending to 10 sessions (30 hrs) in classroom training
  3. Learning main topics through exercising different samples in classroom and as home works
  4. Selecting final works of best and presentation
  5. Marking for level suggestion (from 100)
  6. Issuing the certificate