choosing background!

one of the important decision in Logo design is choosing the right background! and it is depends on:

  1. the color of your logo and/or letters on logotype
  2. the sickness of pictorial and text items
  3. the required space between/around the logo/type

sometimes, you need to keep both black and white background to have open hand for future identification’s designing, but on the other side, you should care about the right “Characteristic” aspects of your logo! for example her, although the black background held to shine the logotype in different colours of gray, blue and green, but is better to use the white background upon the activity of client which is in “health care”.

if it was not, we could accept the logotype with the black background with a minor corrects of using same black color for the line that separates the symbol of human (On “A” letter). 

  • Design by: Lotus Student (Thabiso Andre Ndlovu)