Food Photography

Taking pictures of food is one area of photography that has boomed in recent years. People are starting to cook more and the world of social media has made it possible to show what we are cooking. Or eating. There is no specific camera to photograph food, you just need one that has a few basics. Food photography is all down to the details. This could mean shallow depth of field of a large dish, food, and surrounding setting.

It could also be those small elements that make up the image set. Having a tripod allows you to use manual focus, to make sure you have the focal point where you want it. This is necessary for image stacking (see post-processing section). The ‘nifty fifty’ is a standard go-to lens. They offer great quality and still gives you a fairly decent wide view.

The great thing about food is that it doesn’t get tired, talk too much or need a lot of reassurance. However, they are subject to heat and time. To a certain point, foodstuffs are easy to work with. It tends to stay where you put it, letting you focus on other areas. Do not use too much food. Think of Michelin restaurants, not American diners. You want to give a sense of the food and create a beautiful composition.