Lotus Educational Institute continues to set the benchmark for excellence in creative education. As a pioneer in UAE’s art education since 2001, the institute has consistently delivered KHDA attested courses in Fine Arts and Visual Arts. However, Lotus has taken its commitment to the next stage by becoming the first and only KHDA approved and attested institute to offer Training Diploma and Advanced Training Diploma Programmes in Fine Arts and Visual Communications in the UAE.


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Within this groundbreaking initiative, Lotus offers a comprehensive selection of 2 Advanced Training Diplomas and 8 Training Diplomas, organized as follows:




    1. Fine Arts – this programme serves as the pinnacle of artistic mastery, designed to elevate aspiring artists to professional status. It represents the culmination of their artistic journey.
    2. Visual Communications – this programme prepares students for a dynamic career in visual communication, equipping them with advanced skills and insights.



  1. Abstract Painting – Dive into the world of abstract expressionism, exploring the depths of creativity on canvas.
  2. Creative Painting – Develop your unique style and unleash your creativity through painting.
  3. Drawing Techniques – Master the foundational skills of drawing, honing your ability to capture the world around you.
  4. Landscape Painting – Explore the beauty of the natural world and translate it onto your canvas.
  5. Portrait Painting – Delve into the intricate art of portraiture, capturing the essence of the human spirit.
  6. Still Life Painting – Discover the art of arranging and depicting everyday objects in captivating compositions.
  7. Creative Photography – Dive into the world of visual storytelling through the lens, capturing moments that resonate with emotion and meaning.
  8. Creative Graphic Design – Unlock the power of design to convey messages, create brand identities, and shape visual narratives.


These diplomas not only recognize the dedication and effort of aspiring artists but also provide an opportunity for professionals to expand their knowledge in the field of arts. Each course follows a structured curriculum akin to that of a traditional college program. However, Lotus ensures that the lessons are concise and focused, maximizing the value of every minute spent in the sessions. This commitment to efficiency ensures that students receive a wealth of knowledge in each class, making their educational journey both enriching and productive.

At Lotus Educational Institute, we believe in nurturing the creative spirit and empowering artists to reach their full potential. With these new diploma programs, we are paving the way for a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable artists who are ready to make their mark on the world. Join us on this transformative artistic journey and unlock your full creative potential.