Lotus Educational Institute’s participation in the World Art Dubai exhibition was a significant achievement for the art school, and it showcased the level of talent and skill of its artists. KHDA attested with over 21 years of experience in providing art education in Dubai, Lotus Educational Institute has played a crucial role in developing and nurturing artists in the region.

The recent opening of the of its new division, Lotus Art Gallery, paved way to provide even more opportunities for its graduated and current students to showcase their incredible talents to the community.



Eleven of the Institute’s artists were selected to participate in the exhibition, and their artworks were displayed at booth PA01 – PA04 under the Lotus Art Gallery. The artists’ collections ranged from classical to contemporary, and they were able to showcase their unique styles and techniques to a diverse audience.



Asal Zad’s portrait drawing collections, Cagla Karter’s abstract painting collection, Farhat Khan’s creative portrait painting collections, Haifa Salamah’s portrait painting collections, Ilham’s classical still life and abstract painting collection, Kiana Zia’s conceptual digital black and white collection, Michael’s abstract painting collections, Mahitab Wasfy’s landscape painting collection, Warris Hassan’s landscape and portrait painting collection, Yasaman’s  classical portrait painting collection, and Zahra Ghaferi’s classical portrait painting collection all left a lasting impression on the visitors.



The exhibition also bridged more ways for the artists to engage with art enthusiasts and other fellow artists. Art talks, performances, live paintings and art walk were held during the four-day exhibition and two of Lotus Educational Institute’s own, Farhat and Warris, were selected to participate. They walked on the stage with their chosen artworks and interacted with visitors. This was a great way for them to showcase their unique creativity and techniques to a broader audience and learn from other artists at the same time.



The Lotus Art Gallery was also able to showcase high-quality print reproductions of Lotus Artists’ original artworks, providing an opportunity for visitors to purchase prints of their favorite pieces.



Lotus Educational Institute’s participation in the World Art Dubai was a testament to the Institute’s commitment to supporting its artists’ careers and providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent on a global platform. The Institute’s participation in such events provides its students with the confidence and exposure necessary to excel in the competitive world of art.