My interest in photography developed late, becoming evident while working as a graphic designer for a company in my hometown in Sri Lanka. Photography and graphic design often works side by side, providing me with opportunities to use a camera for some project requirements. Capturing shots for these projects brought me immense satisfaction and made me realize my passion for photography. I then decided to pursue it as a potential professional career. Upon moving to Dubai, I discovered Lotus which marked a pivotal moment in my photographic journey. It was at Lotus that I truly developed my skills and learned the proper techniques, guided by my mentor, Dr. Zia. Currently, I am working as a Lotus Studio Assistant, seizing this valuable opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills. This internship has proven to be the best platform for me to learn academically and refine my abilities in the field of photography. As a photographer, I don’t really focus on one definitive style. Instead, the photos I capture are moments that resonate with me, compelling me to share those feelings with others. One of my aspirations is to be able to offer top-notch photography services to other people, aiming to make it my professional career and I also have this dream that someday, I’ll create a name for myself as an award winning photographer, showcasing some of my best shots in my own solo exhibition.