Lotus Training Activities

Based on DECISION NO. 1 OF 2013 Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Private Companies Regulations 2003 (the “Companies Regulations 23.1”), ARTICLE (10) CAPITALISATION OF COMPANIES, PART SIX: DUBAI KNOWLEDGE VILLAGE, the following Segments and Activities as Training Services, which mentioned in Lotus license are as follow:

Segment: 21.4: Fine Arts Training:

21.4.2 Art and Craft Skills Training (For Lotus Art Fundamentals Courses, Drawing Courses, Painting Courses)

Segment: 21.7: Technical & Occupational Skills:

21.7.1 Media Production Training (For Lotus Graphic Courses, Design Software Courses, Photography Courses)
21.7.11 Architecture & Design Training (For Lotus Interiors’ Courses)
21.7.13 Health Care Awareness Training (For Self Development Courses)

Skills enhancement courses offered to professionals in the healthcare industry in order to upgrade their knowledge related to their respective fields.

Health Awareness:

raising knowledge of causes and prevention techniques of diseases for healthy living.


Updating doctors; Training of healthcare professionals; Hearing aid technology; Massage (medical); Medical laboratory technology; Medical x-ray techniques; Nutrition and dietetics; Optical lens making; Orthopaedic prosthetics; Para-medical programmes; Pharmacy (introduction to new/ alternative medication); Physiotherapy; Radiotherapy; Speech and therapy; Rehabilitation; Nursing; First Aid

Segment: 21.1: Professional and Management Development Training:

21.1.2 Social & Behavioral Training (For Lotus Self Development Courses)
Enhancement of inter-personal skills to enable personal empowerment and improved social interaction on a professional and/or personal level.


Psychology & Sociology of human behavior; Development of behavioral capacities; Neuro-Linguistic programming; Public speaking skills; Self esteem skills; Cultural awareness & sensitivity; Emotional intelligence; and Conflict resolution/anger management.