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Published by Dubai Knowledge Village, De. 2010, Issue 12


Holism (The word is derived from the Greek holos, meaning “whole”) is the idea that everything in the universe is greater than, and different from, the sum of its parts. Holistic view is looking to supply man’s necessities in physical, emotional, social and spiritual “aspects”. Holistic Health approaches to a comprehensive wellness & well-being and Art Therapy is one of those kinds which conceder as a “complementary healing”.


Art was always a part of man’s daily life and was used in healing and religious ceremonies. Since 1981, Art Therapy has been accepted officially as a therapeutic field in America. And nowadays, it is known as a recognized and acceptable method of therapy in education and training.


From Neurophysiology point of view, body can change from stress and fear status to creativity and  inspiration. Healing originates from our inside and Art releases the inner healing energy or improve the activities of our immune system.

Therefore, “Art” is a therapy itself, in essence, because it provokes an inner pleasant feeling and connection as well as an outer positive balance. On the other hand it provides a situation for inner active motivation. Also it develops creativity and self awareness.


In short, regarding to the different kinds of Art Therapy, we need to know:

a) In those sessions of Art therapy that music is being used, various sounds, melodies and musical instruments can balance the inner energy differently.

b) In drama therapy, events and memories reveal the thoughts and needs through performance. In this way self control and inner conflicts are rebuilt in reciprocal behaviors.

c) Painting (Working with colours and not training to become an artist!) is also an appropriate way to express emotions, imaginations, desires and personal ideas about different inner and outer relations. It helps to face directly to the rejected feelings which are appeared in some symbolic structures.

d) Calligraphy is one of the most powerful Meditation techniques, in order to control inner anger and brings concentration through making balance by stop stressed-thinking.


In different kinds of Art Therapy, the medium or tool will be chosen according to its capability to make a close connection with the client/patient. This tool must be able to make a fast effect, independent of technical skills. It is required to be in accordance with your age and inner feelings. Despite of the simple and even your insignificant interpretation about your created works, a scientific analysis will lead to your hidden desires and emotions as well as your personal development. The process will be defined just by an Art Therapist who is specialist both in Psychotherapy and Art.

Let’s Start!

Organize your daily timetable to do self-Art Therapy as serious programme in your life-style for self-healing, for the first and practical step, you need re-look at your “Seeing, Listening”, and “Smelling” as follow:

  1. Listen to a music which helps you to be calm and relax (It means, to reach to the normal heard-pulse. Starting visualization is the sign). >> Music Therapy
  2. Towards using a simple fashion-dress, get the advantage of using the rules of harmony with having different colours of pen and market with you and play (Draw) freely by making shapes, lines and colours on a paper, whenever you want to think deeply- instead of drinking black coffee or smoking! (Till your brain will stop chaos thinking about everything together in parallel). >> Colour Therapy
  3. Don’t forget about your favorite fragrance; the one that is helping you to feel fresh. (Although, always, general cleaning is the first priority, the best fragrance is the one which doesn’t bring headache and dizzy, and it depends on your type of body and the time of applying). >> Aroma Therapy


Art in any kind may lead us to a comprehensive health of physical, emotional, and spiritual if we learn how to recognize and use it properly. Art Therapy as an effective diagnostic and psychotherapeutic technique, besides of controlling and helping-to-treat mental disorder/disease) for healthy people, is a key for body-mind wellness and wellbeing.

At any level or stage of calmness and awareness, such as “stress management”, “self expression”, “discovering hidden talent”, “innovating creativity”, and “clearing mind to receive inner enlightenment”, “ART” in different forms, may help you to feel better and expecting more positive efficiency at work and life.

Usually, in a good ArtTherapy class, you may complete your adventure of self-healing in all senses. For expressing-out your feelings and emotions, by colours (Check the different mediums like Acrylic, Markers, Pastel, etc. to find your taste) and don’t think this is not your place because you are not seeking to be a Painter!

Let’s try it…

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