shine your objects!

sometimes you don’t need to think for complicated editing techniques, or preparing expensive equipment in studio! shining a simple light source through any kind of colored-bottles in a dark corner of room, could be enough requirements beside your camera adjustment! that’s it 🙂 who we did here:

  1. put some bottles on the white table with soft surface to reflect a little bit the light.
  2. arrange a simple composition with bottles to have colour-contrast based on favorite part of color weal.
  3. set a simple Yongnue round-shape light with arg battery behind the bottles.
  4. adjust the Exposure Compensation to gain a dark black background among a semetric and colorful reflection on the table.


camera adjustment:

  • Canon 80D with kit lens 18-135 USM
  • Focal length: 50mm at F9
  • ISO 100

technical tip:

try to compensate your brightness and colors by WB but note shooting with high ISO to avoid noisy picture eventually! 


Photo by: Lotus student ( Faezeh Ghiasi)