The World Art Dubai gives the wide range of opportunities to aspiring artists to showcase their wonderful masterpiece to a large number of audience that will visit the event. Lotus Educational Institute has been actively joining this event for years already. This event simply brings affordable and beautiful contemporary artworks from the Middle East and other parts of the world. In addition, there was also Live Painting shows, Doodle Marathon, Creative Art Workshops, Live Music and more.

As per Lotus Academic Programme, a student is considered successful if they can produce and create more varieties of artwork in a different field of arts. In this way, the student can find their hidden talent and interest or rather improve their skills in their passion. And this is just a glimpse towards a colourful future for them.

Shown on our blog are some of the stunning work of arts from our aspiring artists, our talented students who are currently studying in Lotus Educational Institute. With this, we are exposing our students to the marketplace as well as professional’s opinions on their artworks for them to learn more and improve their knowledge and skills.

It is truly our pride to present the artworks of our students being appreciated not only by us but as to the world as well. We are indeed more than happy to be a part of their humble beginning as they continue to seek and develop their talents all throughout their journey as an artist.

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